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Amy Adams, Audrey Kitching, Gillian Anderson & Jennifer Morrison by Annie

{o4} Amy Adams.
{10} Audrey Kitching.
{o5} Gillian Anderson (+ David Duchovny / Mulder&Scully).
{22} Jennifer Morrison.

Preview :


Amy Adams :


Audrey Kitching :
(bases by dont_be_so_base).




Gillian Anderson :
(+ David Duchovny / Mulder&Scully).


Jennifer Morrison :
(bases by dont_be_so_base).







Rules :

- Please credit if you use.
- Comment if you take (well you don't have to but I'd love to hear your opinions).
- Do NOT hotlink.

Thanks for visiting :)
Tags: actor : david duchovny, actress : amy adams, actress : gillian anderson, actress : jennifer morrison, couple : mulder & scully, model : audrey kitching
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