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jared leto, 30 seconds to mars, panic at the disco, nicole kidman

29 icons
  • {1} Nicole Kidman
  • {8} Panic at the Disco (all band/Brendon/Ryan/Jon)
  • {3} 30 Seconds to Mars (entire band/Jared and Tomo)
  • {17} Jared Leto
2 Jared Leto/30 seconds to Mars Pink-Floyd themed wallpapers
  • {1} 1024x768
NB : these wallpapers are almost the same, but the second one has a size that only fits macbooks. The first one is a regular sized wallpaper, it has less text than the macbook one but an extra texture. The lyrics are from a song by Pink Floyd entitled "Hey You" (give it a try, it's great).


1024x768 Wallpaper (click preview for fullsize)

Macbook sized wallpaper (click preview for fullsize)

Remember the basic rules please :
  • no hotlinking.
  • no editing (textless icons are not bases).
  • comment is nice, credit is a must.
Thank you :)
Tags: actress : nicole kidman, band : 30 seconds to mars, band : panic! at the disco, icons, singer : jared leto
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