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Affiliates post and resources :)

If you would like to affiliate with us, just leave a comment on this entry and Sarah or I will add you as soon as possible :)

Annie's resources :

I would like to credit everyone for the textures I use :)
22room, captain_sarah, cielo_icons, deadly_doll, decorative, ewanism, expose42, ianthinaeiconographerinquisitorylifeisdolcenineteen07ohstarfishrights2flyohfrecklesparklingeyespooky_windowtove_91toybirdstragic_icons, ullaaa.

Also, I use bases from dont_be_so_base :)

Please credit all my icons and graphics to ohtheconfession or theicongoesto.

Thanks for visiting !

Sarah's resources :

Thank you to dont_be_so_base and the wonderful people at icon_tutorial and texturize.

lookslikerain, lusciouss_x, reldniws, misarte, coy_dreamer, isis_pro, above_blues, bubbles001, xloliconsx, gfxgurl, crystalchain, erniemay,the_justiner.

And on DA :
candycrack, masterjinn, spiritcoda, huejuice, sanami276, lostinthecrowd, TBC ...

Thank you to all these creators !

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